Valentin Dufois
Patrimonial summary form When working as an intern for Banque Populaire, a major financial group in france, I got tasked with redesigning one of the automated forms handed to the clients.
This document takes place in a web application linked to the clients informations. This allows us to automaticcaly filed the form with the clients informations. This way, bank advisor can easily pull out a recap of the client situation and hand it to them.
One of the major problem this process had, was the say it fetched its informations. The informations were stored in big CSV files that were then split in multiple smaller files, to speed up information extraction. The splitting script was written in VBA, and needed a CRON job to run it periodically. I improved the search engine to get rid of the VBA script, wich greatly eased the installation process of the app.
The other major task was to improve the form's design.
The first version of the form had been made by someone without a lot of knowledge about document design. I decided to rebuild the form from scratch, using the company guidelines for official documents. I decided to use the classic underbar for the forms as it reminds classic text fields, and feel familiar for the clients.
The placement of page numbers and decorations could not follow a regulare left-right placement as the form may not always be binded, or printed on both sides.