Valentin Dufois
Neo-Traffic Neo-Traffic, Canada's leader in mall advertising, needed a new website, as well as an interface allowing clients to schedule their creatives automatically. The project went beyond that, and Neo-Traffic has now a new website with interactive elements, and a scheduling web app.
Neo-Traffic main website had to serve multiple purposes. Future clients needed to be able to discover the different offers, while current clients had to be able to find technical information.
Another task was to ease the work load on neo-traffic's team. At this moment, the list of covered mall was stored in an excel files. The goal was to store this list dynamically so it could be retrieve is the desired format when needed.
The solution was to store all the informations directly inside the CMS. We decided to use Bolt as it promised an extensible way of storing informations. With it, we have been able to perfectly taylor the different categories to our needs.
With a PDF generator, all the old static informations sheets that needed to be updated manually every time the offer changed were replaced by automatically generated PDFs.
The second part of the project, was the conception and production of a new platform for Neo-Traffic clients. Named Ad-Direct, the goal of this plateform is to allow clients to upload their pictures and videos on Neo-Traffic screens and offers as much automation as possible for the creatives scheduling.