Valentin Dufois
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My name is Valentin Dufois. I’m a graphic designer and developer based in Paris. Currently completing an engineering degree, I’m working on various projects for clients and for myself.

As a French, I tend to complain about a lot of things. But I think it helps me in the search of clean and efficient solutions to problems and projects I encounter.

I’ve started learning code at 13, and haven’t stopped improving myself since. I became interested in design when I started to learn web development. I’ve got a thing for fonts, and spend quite some time taking photographs. I even do some timelapses and hyperlapses. I mainly use my phone and my DSLR, but I’ve recently dived into the world of film photography.

I’ve spent 6 months studying in Montreal. I speak French and English fluently. My current studies revolve around web, software and game development, photography, and graphic design. By studying all those subjects, as well as school as at home, I’m able to work on the design of a project, as well as on the technical side of those same projects.